A unique and innovative project that delivered significant savings from the onset. Great concept and engineering design.
Carl Govender
Carl Govender Plant Engineer
They delivered a high quality project with cost effective sustainable equipment at our house and and other investment properties.
Geoff Philips
Geoff Philips Ex CEO and home owner
They delivered a creative and cost effective solution to one of my major clients. This will soon become a multi-million rand project with a great return on investment.
George De Klerk
George De Klerk Environmental consulatnt

The Design Objective

Worldclass Rainwater systems
A rainwater harvesting system is only as good a the quality or the rainwater that is recovered and stored in the system. To design a successful system our engineers focus on water recovery and the quality of water within the system prior to treatment .
+ Innovative designs

Innovation drives our design philosophy. A rainwater harvesting system needs to be an integral part of a structure or property. Creative and innovative ideas with years of experience "make it happen".

+ Project Collaboration

From the start of a project our team collaborates with the customer to develop the most cost effective design, with the best possible return on investment

+ Creative Engineering Solutions

Our team of Consultants and Engineers in Africa, brings a creative design approach to the escalating issue of water conservation and water treatment. We develop innovative solutions to rainwater harvesting systems, installations, water storage, and water treatment.

+ Engineering Expertise

Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in rainwater harvesting, engineering system design, plant maintenance, and water treatment for hundreds of customers.

+ On-time Project Delivery

80% planning leads to effective on time project delivery and execution. With experienced project managers we get the projects delivering returns on time.

Work with us!

Here’s what you can accomplish when you work with The Use-Rainwater Team

Develop Effective rainwater harvesting concepts
Our experienced team make it look easy! We deliver effective concepts that work in practice!
Have the correct equipment installed
We specify the most suitable equipment for the application with the focus on cost effective sustainability and effective rainwater water recovery and treatment.
Get Professional Support
Our support teams deliver professional and expert advice in any phase of the project.

How to get started on your project?

We always start with the concepts, then the design and then comes the installation. We can manage each aspect of the project from concept to commissioning. We train and support our clients. Choose us as your partner!

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Stormwater rainwater recovery system

Stormwater rainwater recovery system

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Our System at Work
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WISY operation principle