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We get many questions about how much money will people will save with a rainwater harvesting system. We have built a calculator specific using the Durban Average mean rainfall per month to show interested people how much money a system can potentially save. Key to a rainwater harvesting system is that the water must be used on a continuous basis to achieve the required savings. 

A rainwater harvesting system must also be viewed as an asset to a building - so not only does it deliver a saving every month it adds value to the property.

Simply input the potential roof recovery surface and the property's monthly water consumption and the google sheet will calculate the savings.

You will notice a few things. 

  1. The bigger the recovery surface the greater the potential savings
  2. The more water the property uses the bigger the potential saving 
  3. During the winter months the property will use more municipal water - so the greatest savings are in the wet summer months