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There are many factors that influence the cost of a rainwater harvesting system. Generally it is cheaper and more cost effective to design and install a system when constructing a new building. Many of the costs like rainwater attenuation and storm-water retention systems can be offset against the installation of a rainwater harvesting system. 

Each installation is unique and it is very difficult to provide a cost for a particular system as there are just too many variables. Here here are some rough guideline costs for design and installation of our systems.


Deluxe systems - these systems can recover rain water off a roof of 300sqm and convert it to potable water - basically substituting municipal water with purified rainwater. 

  • A basic above ground storage system with basic components will cost about R90 000 to R120 000 installed and tested
  • A system with underground tanks will cost in the region of R190 000 000 to R290 000 installed. Underground rainwater tanks are expensive and require a big portion of civil work 

Deluxe rainwater harvesting installation in Kwazulu NatalDeluxe rainwater harvesting installation in KwaZulu Natal


 A basic 5000 liter above ground system where water will be recovered of a 150sqm roof and the water used for general washing, flushing of toilets, doing the washing and general non potable applications will cost you between R25 000 and R35 000 installed. It is a pressurized system in which the pump  switches on an off depending on the water demand.

Basic 5000l rainwater system with a submersible pump


Many commercial installation have unique requirements and become very complex depending on the size of the operation or premises. Each commercial operation has a unique layout and water requirements, therefore it is more difficult to to give a rough estimate of costs. For each commercial and industrial application you need to do a proper engineering concept assessment that will provided the client with the feasibility and the estimated cost of a rainwater harvesting system.


These systems range from R15000 to R35000 depending on the size of the tank storage and irrigation flow volume requirements.