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When a company or individual contact us we follow a structured approach. For household system we will work directly with the homeowner or his architect. For commercial systems we will work with the architects or project engineers.

Our company can be requested to act as consultants to develop just a conceptual design or to design,  develop and install a rainwater harvesting system for the property. Thus manage the complete project from inception to final commissioning and handover.

We can be contacted to meet and do a site assessment of the property. As each property is different, it is important for us to  do a site inspection to determine the requirements and the cost of a system. For new developments we will evaluate the architectural drawings. 

See here an example of a conceptual design report we supply to our customers

We will evaluate the water source and catchment areas (roof size and location), and give you an indication on the likely amount of rain that can be captured or treated based on the historical average rainfall in your area.

We will advise you on a system and potential saving, and the layout of the system. If you are satisfied we will provide you with a complete cost for installation and commissioning. Included in the cost will be quarterly inspections, testing of the system and a three year optional maintenance contract.Installed rainwater to potable off grid system in KwaZulu NatalInstalled rainwater to potable off grid system in KwaZulu Natal

On acceptance we will ensure effective installation and commissioning of the system together with operation and maintenance manuals for the system. We will ensure that the system operates optimally at all times and this will allow for complete hassle free supply without having to worry about the quality of supply.