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3000l Back up water system at house in Durban3000l Back up water system at house in DurbanOur team in Durban provides a design and installation service for backup water systems. Many cities in the country now experience continuous water interruptions.

We recently designed and installed a system at a residence in Westville Durban.The system consists of 3 interconnected 1000l water tanks that is connected to the municipal water . The level is controlled by a solenoid float valve.  A multistage centrifugal pump draws water from the tank and pumps the water to the house. The pump maintains pressure to the premises. As long as there is water in the tank the premises will have adequate water pressure. The system does not work during load-shedding, thus we installed an automatic bypass system using solenoid valves at the municipal supply point. Should the power fail the system will automatically revert back to direct municipal supply, bypassing the tanks, when the power is restored the system reverts back to normal operational mode.

The pump was correctly sized to provide the correct water pressure to a multistory house. A pressure tank connected to the pump reduces the stop start frequency of the pump and prevents any water hammer in the piping system.  The pump is a low energy 0.37Kw multistage centrifugal pump that can operates quietly and efficiently for many years.

3D design of 3000l backup water system3D design of 3000l backup water systemBackup water system installation in progressBackup water system installation in progress