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Our company designed and installed an off-grid rainwater harvesting system at an estate on the KwaZulu Natal south coast. The property has multiple buildings and roof shapes and levels and has no working municipal water connection. A system was designed where rainwater could be harvested of multiple roofs and buildings and directed to intermediate tanks. From these tanks the harvested rainwater is  transferred into a central tank storage system. Prior to the installation all gutters were upgraded in order to optimize rainwater recovery.  From the central rainwater tank storage system the recovered rainwater is treated on demand to potable standard and supplied to the various dwellings on the property. In the design it was calculated that due to the high rainfall in the area, the property could completely go off-the grid with water supply  if all the roof surface areas are effectively used for recovery.

Off grid rainwater harvesting system Off grid rainwater harvesting system

WISY primary rainwater filters were installed at all the recovery points to act as first flush systems and to remove any leaves leaves and debris from the harvested rainwater before it enters the system. The harvested rainwater is recovered in intermediate tanks for automatic transfer to to a central water storage area.

 Primay rainwater recovery filter WISY WFF150Primay rainwater recovery filter WISY WFF150

 Primary rainwater recovery tankPrimary rainwater recovery tank

A central area was built and where four interconnected 10000l tanks were installed. These tanks are  connected to 4 stage water purification unit built into a stainless steel frame. The purification unit filters and purifies the water and supplies it to the property on demand. The filtration unit was manufactured with stainless components to prevent corrosion in the coastal areas. All non stainless components were treated with a special rust protection agent. The treatment unit filters an purifies the rainwater to potable standard and supplies it on demand back to the property. A hydro static tank gauge is used to indicate the water level in the tanks.

Off Grid rainwater purification unit