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Our engineering team was requested to do an assessment on a small holding property that has been disconnected from the municipal supply.

Our assessment found that it is possible to make the property completely self-sufficient by just utilizing rainwater. Key to the conceptual analysis we do a climatic model that we overlay on the historical rainfall for the area.

Below is an example chart of such a model

Rainwater model

The model highlights the maximum tank storage required based on water consumption, rainfall and possible recovery of rainwater as a set efficiency.

We then designed a concept system that will recover water from approximately 355sqm of roof, transport it to a centralized 40 000l water storage system and treat the rainwater  to supply potable on-demand water to the house at 40l -50l/minute. Based on historic average climatic data the property will on average not require external water supply if the use is limited to 25Kl per month.