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Many properties in Southern Africa face intermittent water supply problems. The problem can be overcome by installing a backup water system. Our design engineers have taken it one step further; we design and install a rainwater harvesting systems and integrate it with a backup water system.Thus during periods of rainfall the property will use rainwater as a main water supply and during periods of low rainfall the system will be converted to a backup water system, thus ensuring the property has a supply of water at all time, even during water supply interruptions. The rainwater storage tanks are then used as backup water storage and our engineers can set the amount of water that can be stored in the system. leaving sufficient capacity for recovery of rainwater should it start raining again.

At the heart of this type of system is our potable rainwater purification unit as seen below:

Coverting harvested rainwater into potable water -  purification unitConverting harvested rainwater into potable water - purification unit

Our team recently installed one of these system at a residential property in Hillcrest, Durban. The unit is contained within a stainless steel frame. Our engineers have designed it to easily integrate with solar inverter system and it only consumes 0.37Kw of electrical energy while pumping. The 24L pressure tanks and controller prevents frequent stop/starts which further optimizes energy consumption. Our company manufacture theses units and also sell them to a number of installation companies. We also export these unit to some of the Indian ocean islands where rainwater harvesting is an integral part of many proprieties.